Nancy Croft

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and CAT Practitioner

Nancy Croft

"When experiencing emotional difficulties it can sometimes be hard asking for help. Taking the first step may feel daunting but most people feel a sense of relief when they are able to talk about what is troubling them."

I have over 25 years experience of working therapeutically with individuals and groups. In 1987 I trained with Parent Network as a group facilitator, providing courses for parents. I began my psychotherapy training in 1994 at the Homerton Hospital and qualified as a CAT Practitioner in 1996. I established my psychotherapy practice in 1998 and continued my psychotherapy training at AGIP, qualifying as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in 2005.

The Need

People in all walks of life experience emotional difficulties from time to time:

What I Offer

I offer both long and short-term therapy.

I am professionally trained in analytically oriented psychotherapy based on the schools of Freud, Klein, Jung and Object Relations theory.

I am also qualified as a practitioner of Cognitive Analytic Therapy, CAT.

In CAT therapy, attention is focussed on how problems have evolved an why they persist.

The work of CAT is active and shared. Diagrams and written outlines are used as a way of helping to recognise and revise unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thinking.

How I can help

Psychotherapy and counselling are a means of providing skilled help in a safe and confidential setting allowing deep exploration of the causes of emotional distress

This involves a regular commitment, sometimes over a lengthy period of time and sometimes for short-term focussed work, depending on the need of the individual.

I do not discriminate on the grounds of age, race, religion, disability or sexuality.